Your questions answered

Taking the road to self-employment often raises many questions. So that your questions can be answered quickly and transparently, we have compiled answers to some of your most pressing questions. We would be delighted to have you on board as an agency partner.

What do I earn as a self-employed agency partner?

You will receive a commission that Valora has agreed with you based on the turnover you achieve. This allows you to have a direct influence on your income.

Is Valora's range of products given to me or can I choose freely?

The product range generally corresponds to a standard offering, but can be individually adapted in consultation with Valora to meet the needs of customers in the region concerned.

Can I choose the location of the store I want?

You take the decision together with the responsible sales management team. However, the location should not be more than 30 minutes away from where you live.

Do I have to establish several limited liability companies if I take over more than one sales outlet?

No, you are only establishing one limited liability company. Regardless of whether one or more stores are taken over.

Are the employees employed by the agency or by Valora?

As an agency partner, you hire your employees in your limited liability company. You are responsible for recruiting, managing HR issues and for training/further development.

Why do I need to pay the initial fee of CHF 2,500?

The aim of the initial fee is to allow you to adopt our tried-and-tested concept and to benefit from our comprehensive expertise, which will form the foundation of your success.

Do I have to pay the initial fee of CHF 2,500 for each outlet that I take over?

No, the initial fee only has to be paid once – regardless of whether you take over one or more outlets.